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lined artwork color and shading $70
lined artwork no shading $50

Lineless color and shading $40
Lineless no shading $30

clean sketch color and shading $50
clean sketch $25

messy sketch $15

Pixel Art

$25 for icons less than 80px² (includes Animal Crossing custom designs!)
$30 for icons 81-100px²
$20 per 50px² on pieces larger than 100px²


(for pixel art animation) +25% of canvas price per frame of animation ($5 per frame for 50px icons, +$7.50 for 100px icons, etc.)
template fill or simple meme edit: $20+ $1 per frame
complex meme edit/rotoscoping: 15$ per frame
full barebones animation:
[base model price(set by style, see sheet)] + [number of actions]x[complexity]

*[EXAMPLE]70$ base for anime style colored lined and shaded artwork, 4 movements (eyes, ears, tail, wings, waking part was not requested) with a bit of nested pieces (15$ complexity for not having to redraw very much) so:
Sophie the cat going through several animations
Sophie would be 70+(4x15)=$130

Backgrounds and Misc

Art is priced by subjects, but generally I'm lenient on similar characters together, a character with medium complexity props or clothing, or a character with a super simple background.
Otherwise still life, landscape, prop/costume design, and other miscellaneous pieces are priced by style same as character art.

lined shaded bg based on steven universe's 'the big donut' restaurant
above: lined artwork color and shading, $70
boardwalk near city at night, heavy use of shape tool, soft shading, and some sketch details
above: lineless color and shading, $40